Move two steps forward, five steps back, now hopscotch with five small children who do this regularly – finely chop a small crow, MAKE SURE YOU’RE SMILING, great, we need positive energy, positive energy,

JUST PIVOT OVER THE DEAD CHILD, PIVOT, so positive energy, now react to the LARGE BANG, and the other LARGE BANG, run this assault course in jeggings – but as if you’re in a blizzard, and while holding two take-out coffees. That take-out coffee should be sustainable and in a reusable cup and thoroughly disinfected.

The blizzard – is INSIDE your mind. Is it you’re or your? It doesn’t ultimately matter as autocorrect will make it wrong for you.  POSITIVE energy, as in you POSITIVELY hate this.

You’ve forgotten the crow, which we finally chopped earlier? And you haven’t been SMILING. You appear to have written your to-do lists on toilet paper, and something unspeakable has happened. Also, there’s a considerable amount of blood in the kitchen.

Yes, it was intended for you to eat the crow, hence the finely chopping, and we did kind of botch that. You left it where? Well we’ll have to go backwards over the assault course, don’t forget the ice-water immersion, while wearing pyjamas and screaming about your lost youth.

Where did you put your youth? He’s 14-15, wears a baggy coat, which contains a lot of vodka, his hair is ethereal white, his eyes piercing purple. It’s alright, they’ve found him! He was holding up a liquor store, which is where he got the vodka. And here’s the crow. It’s only a little bit contaminated by the nuclear event. That was the large BANG earlier. The second one. At some point you stopped paying attention. But you should keep smiling, as otherwise it’s going to get really bad.

Now the pandas have taken New York, no I’m not sure what you can do about that either. Probably something positive.

Have you considered SHOCK THERAPY? Correct, this is a version of it. And it’s ongoing.